Becoming A Vendor

Mahalo for your interest in becoming a vendor at Aloha Crafters! We are working hard to support our local artisans and small business owners in Hawai`i who have been impacted by COVID-19.

Aloha Crafters is intended to assist Hawai`i's small business owners and artisans who are reliant on craft fairs and community events. We hope to create a single place for customers to discover our unique Hawai`i products!

Please read through this page carefully before filling out an application. New vendor applications can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom.


Aloha Crafters offers a service where we will work with vendors to store their items in our warehouse. Aloha Crafters will assist in the sales and marketing of said items on, and will package and ship items that sell on

Vendors are responsible for bringing us their items for sale to our warehouse. Vendors are responsible for providing pictures and descriptions of their items. Vendors are also responsible for advertising their products.

What Can Be Sold?

Currently, we are open to assisting you in selling most items on our website. We would love to sell and promote items that are Made in Hawai`i! We do love island themed products, but are open to pretty much anything, so long as it is not on our list of prohibited items. While currently we are offering the ability to sell just about anything, as time goes by, we will be giving preference to items that are crafted, versus non-crafted items.

Right now, we are not allowing the sale of:

  • Adult Material
  • Alcohol
  • Animals
  • Counterfeit / Unlicensed Items
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Multilevel Marketing
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Recalled Items
  • Stolen Property
  • Tobacco
  • and other items that we deem questionable

Have questions? Please don't hesitate to call or shoot us an email so we can help clarify any concerns you may have!

Becoming a Vendor

Becoming a vendor for Aloha Crafters is as easy as submitting an online application, a copy of your GE License, and a completed W-9 form. Once Aloha Crafters receives these documents, our team will make sure that we have the manpower and space to handle your products. Within 5 business days of submitting your application, the applicant will hear from Aloha Crafters either approving or denying the application.


Yes, there are a few fees.

To utilize our service, Aloha Crafters charges a $50 per month storage fee, and an 8% fee of the gross profits. These fees will cover customer service, website management, credit card transaction fees, storage, packaging, and marketing.

Bringing Us Your Products

 While we wish we had unlimited space to store all your products, unfortunately, this is not the case. Each applicant that is approved will receive a 27 gallon box in our warehouse. This 27 gallon box must contain all of the vendors items. Additional boxes can be purchased for an additional fee.

Upon approval, vendors will be responsible for transporting their goods to our warehouse in Kalihi. You MUST provide an itemized inventory of the products to be sold, along with product photos, and descriptions. We can provide you with a custom online vendor folder to assist in uploading of pictures and description if needed.

Once we have received everything from you, our team will get busy posting your items to our website, Depending on our workload, your items will be posted to our website as quickly as possible, but we expect to have them up within 3 business days.

Then What?

Promote, promote, PROMOTE! You clearly have people who you sell your items to! Tell them about your new online shop, and get the word out there! Customers can shop by your name, or brand, so do your best to get the word out and sell, sell SELL!

As items sell, Aloha Crafters will pull the items that sell online, and pack and ship them to customers worldwide. Because we have a showroom, we can also offer free local pickup!

Refilling, Restocking, Changing of Product

Once Aloha Crafters receives all your inventory, we are responsible for it, and so we need to make sure we know what and where your items are at all times. While we can give you access to your items, we need to go over everything with you to make sure everything is correct.

If you'd like to bring more items, just reach out to us and we'll make sure we can have someone available to help check in the inventory.

Need to remove something from your bin, again, not a problem, just let us know so we can have someone ready to assist you.

Maintaining an up to date inventory of your products is crucial!

Getting Paid

At the end of each Calendar month, sales will be calculated by Aloha Crafters, and a check will be mailed by day 10 of the following calendar month. The check will be issued to you less your 8% commission fees. A list of your products sold will also be included. If you have a change of address, or payee information, please contact Aloha Crafters. Checks should be received by you no later than the 15th of each month for the previous months sales.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us so we can address any potential issues. Here are some frequently asked questions:

1) Will you allow NON-crafted items?

Currently, we will. All things are subject to change, and we'd love to give preference to our local island crafters, but for now, we are allowing it.

2) Another vendor is selling the same product as me! Make them stop!

Unfortunately, just like a craft fair, there may be similar items, and sometimes even the same items (when dealing with non-crafted items). We will not stop the same items from being posted.

3) How do the shipping costs work?

Aloha Crafters handles all the shipping and handling, and we set the prices for shipments. Shipping costs are not calculated in your fees.

4) Do I need to bring everything in my own 27 gallon box? Does the box have to be full?

No. We provide the box, and will help you check everything in. And no, the box does not have to be full. You can bring us one tiny item if you feel that's the best use of the space.

Signing Up

Checklist of Forms To Submit

__________ Vendor Application

__________ Copy Of Hawai`i GE Tax License

__________ W-9 Form

Items Needed When Dropping Off Products

__________ Inventory Sheet

__________ Pictures Of Products (.jpg)

__________ Description of Products (.doc, .pdf, .txt)