Hand Dyed 100% Silk Scarf  - Blue + Pink

Hand Dyed 100% Silk Scarf - Blue + Pink

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Hand Dyed 100% Silk Scarf  - Blue + Pink

This silk scarf is made from 100% silk and is a stylish accessory, a great addition to your closet! Each scarf is hand dyed and one-of-a-kind! Perfect gift idea!

Artistic design features a blend of blue, pink and purple. This scarf measures approximately 58" in length by 11" wide. Please see photos for details as this is the exact item you will receive.

Scarves can be hand washed or washed on delicate in cold water. They have been prewashed before photographing to show accurate color.

Tea towels are dyed in Hawai`i by 58 Batfish.